Covering Every Aspect of Marine Services

On-Site Solutions

Our facilities offer several fully powered and serviced dockside slips to accommodate vessels up to 135’. The site is situated on over four acres of industrial property backed by fully tooled production shops, administrative offices, and warehouses. Electrical, fuel, water, sewage, and oily bilge discharge services are available for all your needs.

Our administrative offices are fully equipped to support a wide array of functions with communication systems, computers, copiers, fax machines, and conference spaces for meetings.

In addition to our administrative offices, our production facilities and warehouses are monitored by full-time security personnel and a security camera system 24-hours a day seven days a week for guaranteed security including employee, sub-contractor, delivery vehicles, and visitor clearance. Our facilities meet all federal, state, and local environmental, safety and security guidelines.

Here are just some of the on-site capabilities available:

Drydocking: 12 designated dry berths with electrical and water capabilities.

Preservation Building: 150'L x 65'W x 60'H controlled environment workspace.

Boatyard Heavy Equipment: 250-ton Marine Travel Lift; 27-ton crane; 27-ton, 7.5-ton and 7-ton diesel powered forklifts, multiple man-lifts.

Electrical Services: 440V 3-phase/1,800-amps; 20 - 220 & 110V/200amp stations

Compressed Air: 1,800-CFM at 125-PSI available

Potable Water: 30-GPM at 60-PSI at each of five stations.

Diesel/Gasoline Fuel: Available from Papco Oil by truck delivery or 200-yards upstream from boatyard/bulkhead.

Sewage Disposal Service: Pumping and disposal provided on request.

Oily Bilge Water Discharge Service: Pumping and disposal provided on request.