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Off-Site Solutions

Fairlead Boatworks ship repair and alteration services also include on-site mobilization for most jobs. Our off-site team includes some of the most experienced tradesmen in the maritime ship repair industry who are very capable and dependable.

We have a long history of performing off-site ship repair and alteration work both domestically and globally. Our off-site teams have traveled to sites all around the world including Asia, South America, Europe, and Puerto Rico as well as many port cities around the United States. Our customers include both commercial and government vessels of various sizes and types.

Fairlead Boatworks, maintains its company philosophy in servicing its customers off-site and welcomes the opportunity to meet your vessel's needs. For more information contact our main headquarters at (757) 247-0101 or call toll free at 1-800-543-8329. You can also e-mail us at info@davisboat.com.

Here are just some of the off-site capabilities available:

Planning and logistic services.Planning and logistic services.

Procurement for parts, consumables, tooling and other industrial support equipment.

Experienced and certified personnel and technicians.

Past experience working off-site with U.S. and foreign governments.

Capability to work with on-site personnel and technicians.