Fairlead boatworks

Covering every aspect of marine services


As a prime contractor for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and U.S. Coast Guard IDIQ contracts, we have conducted a variety of work packages including complete overhauls and proto-type installations on various vessels including LCUs, LCMs, MK Vs, MK IIIs, LCACs, Sea Mules, Patrol Boats, Work Boats, Push Boats, Barrier Boats, Riverine Boats, Personnel Boats, RIBs, RHIBs, STs, SLWTs, INLSs, BMs, IMs, CFPMs, WTs, YCs, YFNs, YRBMs, BCs, BGs, and BD cranes.



When our boatyard was first envisioned, it was for the primary repair of the commercial vessels in the area at that time. R. K. Davis wanted a repair facility that could do minor and major repairs on tugs, fishing trawlers, and small barges. Over the past three years we have accomplished dry-docking and repair to over 180 commercial vessels. These vessels include fishing trawlers, state, county and city fire and rescue boats, pedestrian ferry boats, sightseeing boats, and various size commercial barges.

In addition, we have a multi-year contract with Hampton Roads Transit Authority for the dry docking and maintenance/repair of the of the Elizabeth River ferries. Work packages have included relative major repairs to and including re-engineering and modification to the passenger ferryboats.